Music Ministry

"Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands."

Psalm 100

BBC is blessed to have a dedicated music ministry! Our program is something for every if you are interested in music and want to serve. Our choir and orchestra are present at every Sunday service and perform for special occasions. We do provide some "Behind the Scenes" roles such as Audio/Visual Technicians. Ready to serve? Scroll down and tell us about yourself and what you play or sing and we will set up an appointment with our music director, Mrs. Kelly Counts.

There are many "Behind the Scenes" roles!

Sound Technicians 

This role focuses on all audio for the choir, instruments, Video and more! Our Multimedia team will get you trained and prepared on ur sound board and equipment so you are well taken care of for upcoming services! 

Visual Technicians 

This role focuses on lighting and media slide production. We have two departments the focus on the visuals of the services. Media Slides & Lighting. Both take some technical learning and responsibilities. However, our Multimedia team will beside to help you out and make sure you are well taken care of! 

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