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King's Kids 

King's Kids Mission Statement:
The mission of BBC's King's Kids/Flyers program is to spread the Gospel, teach the children of God's love and to nuture them in Christian growth by providing a Bible based, Christ-centered weekly club with loving, dedicated workers in an enjoyable and safe enviroment.

Flyer's Express

The Flyer's Club program is designed for boys and girls ages 3 to 5 years old.  Through the help of mom and dad, the Flyer's Club can have a more active program with less leadership. It's also an excellent opportunity for parents to memorize God's Word with their child. This club is divided into three sessions (1) Game Time, (2) Devotional Time and (3) Achievement Time.
Parent(s) must stay in the church service for this age of children.

King's Kids Club

The King's Kids Club is a dynamic outreach for boys and girls in 1st through 6th grade. The emphasis in the curriculum is placed upon Bible memory within the context of doctrine and character building.
The program is broken down into three sessions. (1) Competitive Game Time, (2) Group Devotional Time and (3) Achievement Time where children divide into small groups to say their memory work.

These clubs meet (except during the summer), on Wednesday nights from 6:45 pm until 8:15 pm during Adult Wednesday night prayer service and Bible study.