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One of the basic reasons why parents enroll their children in Christian school is to obtain an education grounded in moral values. Our school uses the Biblically-based Accelerated Christian Education curriculum (ACE), which includes memory passages and references to God and Jesus Christ - all designed to help students develop moral character, a sense of accountability, and wisdom in their lives. Standards of personal conduct, school policies, and curriculum continue to build the students' sense of responsibility and integrity.

Proverbs 22:6 admonishes parents to "Train up a child in the way he should go..." The school is here as an extension to the Christian home to help in building Christian character.

For more enrollment information, please call the school office at (760) 955-7353

Bible Baptist Christian Academy is pleased to announce that High School students can enroll now in a dual program with Lighthouse Christian Academy.  The academy offers this program for the dual enrollment and academic validation of students attending Bible Baptist Christian Academy.  This program enables students to receive an accredited transcript and ultimately to earn an accredited high school diploma.
Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA) is the distance provider of Accelerated Christian Education (ACE).  The academy has earned full accreditation with the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA) and the Southern Association of colleges and Schools (SACS).  Both of these accrediting agencies are widely recognized by educators and accepted as leaders in advancing quality school improvement.  BENEFITS:  These are some of the advantages associated with accreditation:
*   Transfer of Credits - Accreditation eases the transition of students as they move from one accredited organization to another.
*   Access to Programs and Scholarships - Accreditation aids students as they participate in sports programs, apply for federal grants, or pursue admission to accredited colleges or universities.
For more information call (760) 955-7353 Accreditation For High School Students.